Detox Retreat Packages

Whether you want to remove physical discomfort due to stress, clean and detox your body and mind from unhealthy lifestyle choices or increase your energy levels, Francesca provides tailor-made treatments for individuals or groups. Her mission is to bring wellbeing and a holistic experience to you, wherever you are on the island. If your location isn’t able to host a retreat, Francesca will find a suitable one.

The package can include one or all of the following experiences and can last for half a day, an entire day or longer:

Yoga Session

Including meditation techniques, deep relaxation, special asanas and breathing techniques to remove toxins within the body as per the requirements of the person.



Ayurvedic and Holistic therapists will help you to remove stress and energetic blockges.The treatments are done according to specific body type and is desgined for the person.

Sound Bath - Healing therapy

Music therapists are available for sessions during and/or after yoga class, meditation and massage, to harmonize your body and soul and increase the effect of the practice.

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Personal chef

A personal Ayurvedic and macrobiotic chef will make sure all meals are created with love and passion, according to each individual’s needs, and without sacrificing taste or flavour!

Our team have a mutual vision to facilitate healing, enable clients to connect to their soul. Francesca and her team will study a therapeutic program designed specifically around your needs, and your physical and emotional disorders

Massage therapist in ibiza


Massage Therapist
Myriam is a Certified Massage Therapist with more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge of anatomy and different massage techniques, as she has worked in the Spa and Fitness industry field. She learned massage techniques, from India, Thailand and Indonesia

Mar Soulkitchen

Mar is our Chef specialized in Alkaline diet, supporting and guiding balanced and tailored detox programs. She is trained in Raw Food, Ayurvedic Food and Graduate in Macrobiotic Therapeutic Cooking (Kushi Institute- Boston). “My work, my food come directly from my heart



Music Therapist
Rocio is our Music Therapist. She provides:

  • Sessions of Shambala.
  • Healing Sounds journey.
  • Relaxing sound bath meditations.
  • Self-healing voice class to clean the throat chakra.
  • Classes on Nada Yoga